Green Energy Jobs

green energy jobsLarger capital inflows into the clean tech industry are spurring an increase in the availability of green (or renewable) energy jobs. Governmental grants together with private investments in the alternative energy sector create more jobs in the research field, production field and other areas.

From engineers to researchers to field experts or business consulting, alternative energy jobs are increasing in amount and potential as each year goes by. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, wind power energy generated an additional 16,000 jobs in 2005 alone and has been on a fast increasing trend ever since. According to the Renewable Fuels Association, ethanol and biodiesel production in the U. S. created almost 154,000 jobs in 2005 alone. The solar energy sector also added 7600 jobs to the U. S. economy in 2006 alone.

Even in our current dire economic conditions, this sector is growing and has the potential of adding thousands of more jobs every year. Jobs in green energy — also known as the new “green collar jobs” — offer a great opportunity for the private sector, public sector and also academic sector for creating new jobs, new technologies to be developed and new plants to be built and operated.

If you are interested in this growing sector, there are a few databases and professional networking websites that can facilitate your search for more information about job prospects in this industry. You can see available openings in all types of renewable energy including solar, wind power, biochemical, geothermal and more by going to this website. You can also read important news about the industry, expert advice, as well as post your resume on this website that not only can connect you with other professionals in the field, but also help you access new job openings.